I guess from a young age I was destined to be some kind of engineer. I’ve always liked to build things. I’ve also always liked to take things apart to see how it works and if I can fix it or make it better.

Neither my step father or grandfather were woodworkers, so I don’t know where I got it from. I first really started woodworking in high school. I had three years of woodshop and got a basic understanding of a lot of different tools. I built a number of projects, but nothing too exciting. After college when I had space I knew I wanted to start woodworking again.

The majority of stuff I build is either for my own personal use, gifts, or donations for my kids school auction. I like to try new projects. I don’t particularly enjoy doing the same project multiple times. The exception to that is small lathe turnings, like the pens, stoppers, etc. Each of these is unique, so I guess I have it in my head that they are ‘different.’ My problem is that I do a bunch of these small items, but need to start getting rid of some of them! I don’t really need hundreds of pens!

Most of my projects are either designed by me, modified plans, or loosely based on a picture or something I’ve seen. Rarely do I build projects strictly off of plans. I find it more fun to build something unique.

I don’t have a professional shop, and I don’t do this for a living, I’m actually a software engineer.  My ‘shop’ is in my garage.  I have a decent collection of tools, but could always use more. 🙂

If you see something you like, but want something just a little different, let me know. I can work with you about a custom order. Please be warned though, I work full time, do website consulting, coach sports, and I’m a Boy Scout leader, so depending on the time of year it may take a while.

Thanks for stopping by,